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The Papillon CO Box:
The Papillon CO² Box is a complete fertilising system suitable for immediate use in fresh water and salt water aquariums.

- No additional equipment is required (pumps etc.).
- CO² is introduced by means of ceramic membrane
  reactor (atomizer) guaranteeing an economical and rapid
  action CO² supply.
- All components are pressure resistant and - insofar as
  this is required - fitted with secure hose screw
- Assembly is simple and can be completed quickly with
  little effort. When correctly operated and monitored, the
  required level of healthy and luxuriant plant growth can be
  achieved in only a few days.

Assembly plan for
CO combination:

1 - CO-pressure gas bottle
2 - Control device
3 - Adapter (special accessory)
4 - Electromagnetic valve (special acc.)
5 - Safety valve
6 - Bubble counter
7 - pH 3000 (special accessory)
8 - Reactor